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Difference between meat-eating animals and vegetarians






















Normally, those who are attached to eating meat think that vegetarian food has no taste, is not varied, has no protein or vitality, and that it is just boiled in water. Their mind-set is that people cannot survive if they don't eat meat. How is it, then, that the gorilla, elephant, horse and bull are so big and strong? They are all vegetarian creatures, yet each is very powerful. The idea that meat gives energy by supplying the body with large amounts of needed protein is only propaganda.

There are many physical differences between the meat-eating animals and vegetarians. Like all vegetarian animals, humans have flat teeth, so as to bite and chew fruits, vegetables, and grains. The teeth of meat-eating animals, however, are sharp and pointed, to rip and tear flesh. Also, carnivores have digestive acids which are much stronger than that of humans. The intestines of carnivorous animals are one-quarter the length of human intestines. Thus, the meat passes through carnivores' digestive tracts quickly, before putrefaction takes place.

Meat, being the corpse of a once-mobile creature, decays rapidly by nature. Humans have a longer digestive tract than carnivorous animals so meat eaten by humans begins to decay even before it reaches the intestines. The decaying meat produces many toxins in the stomach, thus poisoning the blood. Meat takes a lot of energy to digest because the digestive properties of the secretions in the human system are less potent than those of the meat-eating animals. The bodily organs, mainly the kidneys and liver which strain the blood, become overworked, thus, there is a high chance for dangerous diseases. According to Ayurveda, the herbal medical science of India, food eaten with meat makes the body work extra hard to digest it, and that makes the body look older than that of a vegetarian of the same age.

























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